1. Protecting Sensitive Medical Cargo During COVID-19…

    Securing MEdical Supply Chain

    We need to prevent theft, spoilage, and destruction.
    The Partnership for Safe Medicines estimates that losses within the pharmaceutical supply chain from theft alone exceed US $30 Billion per year, with an average loss per claim of US $3.78 Million1.
    As the World Bank points out, the process of scaling up presents opportunities for substandard quality control, price exploi…

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  2. EIMC sponsors Marine Insurance Americas inaugural (virtual) conference 2021

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  3. EIMC will position surveyors to respond at Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, for arrival of MAERSK ESSEN anticipated this week

    The recent series of casualties involving losses of containers overboard continues in 2021!
    The “MAERSK ESSEN” reportedly encountered heavy weather in crossing the Pacific, from China to the US West Coast, with a reported approx. 750 containers overboard on/about January 16, 2021. An unknown number of damaged containers are expected t…

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