What does EIMC stand for?

EIMC stands for Excellence in Marine Consulting!

I received my shipment and there is damage (things are missing).  What should I do?

If you still can, be sure to write down the discrepancies (“exceptions”) on the delivery document.  Preserve the evidence best possible, take photographs and/or video, but do not wait to take action urgently needed to save cargo.  Email eimc@eimc.com or call us, and one of our experts will guide you through the process based on your specific needs and circumstances.

How long does it typically take for a claim to be processed?

That varies depending on many factors.  EIMC’s target is to process each claim within 10 working days of having received all the necessary documentation and information to complete a claim file.  Be aware, however, that after the EIMC processing there is a review by the insurers themselves required.

How is my representative chosen to work with me?

EIMC is divided into two CORE business units:  risk management and claims.  For you and your clients’ risk management needs, we offer a highly experienced team of dedicated account managers. We have also created interdisciplinary teams of adjusters and surveyors.  These are grouped on the claims side of the house.  At the same time, our teams and business units do not operate as walled-off silos.  We have established a proven internal process to share specific technical and subject matter expertise across teams and business units.  This allows us to leverage our knowledge base on behalf of all our clients-expediting and optimizing outcomes.

Where do you do business?

Our staff is based in the USA and UK.  However, we can assist you anywhere in the world.  Our long-time partners, affiliations, and representatives are strategically located all over the world, close to key ports and main city centers.

What is a Lloyd’s agent?

There is frequently confusion with respect to the London insurance market and we are frequently mistaken as being representatives of Lloyds of London. We are marine and cargo surveyors and consultants available through the Lloyd’s Agency Network for survey matters as it relates primarily to cargo claims under marine cargo insurance policies. We are not affiliates of Lloyds and are not agents for the placement of insurance. For more about this, we invite you to watch this video: