Why Clients Work with Us

At the end of the day, it comes down to peace of mind.  Clients work with us because they have confidence in us to deliver results, on time, and on point.  We understand the complexity of the global supply chain industry, and what can go wrong when moving goods from point A to point B, across the globe.  We also understand the nuances of the specialty and marine insurance industry, and how underwriters expect to be supported.

Whether clients are looking for “reactive services’’ such as claims or subrogation, or “proactive services’’ such as risk management assessments, analysis, and recommendations–EIMC is the ‘’go-to resource” for insurance and supply chain industry players. If you want a provider that can offer you both professional resolution and consultative guidance in this industry, look no further.

Did you Know?

1 UPS Capital, Will you be ready when a loss happens to you Whitepaper, 2015.