Stock Throughput

Today’s global supply chain has never been more complex, so many of our clients choose to have a Stock Throughput (STP) marine policy that insures a company’s inventory and the flow of goods from the source of production to its final destination, whether at a place of storage or a retail store.

An STP policy has three components:

ocean cargo insurance;

inland transit; and


STP policies integrate transportation, inventory storage, material handling, and packaging as they are designed to cover the repositioning of:

raw materials;

works in progress; and

finished goods.

Because STP policies often involve different types of transportation, facilities, and goods, the logistical chain can be more complex, thereby increasing the risk of being exposed to losses from mysterious disappearances and misappropriations. That is where EIMC’s subject matter expertise comes into play and why clients rely on us to identify potential gaps or vulnerabilities in their marine, and STP planning, on the risk management side, and loss consulting on the claims side.