Adjusting & TPA Services

We negotiate and actively consult on loss mitigation and final disposition. Relevant documents are collected, and the claim/loss extent is carefully reviewed and analyzed.

Professional claim adjusting services across all marine lines, or supply chain

Settling agent and TPA capability

Prompt, professional, impartial, expert service

Customized account solutions, not “one size fits all”.


EIMC adjusters act as case coordinators, managing each phase of the claim process to completion. We make prompt contact with all parties involved, protect recovery rights through joint survey invitations and advise claimants on proper loss notices to third parties. Detailed assignment instructions are given to field surveyors and other experts.

EIMC also helps cargo owners mitigate losses by organizing salvage sales of damaged goods. Our clients are able to leverage our extensive database of general and specialized buyers of secondary market goods from around the world.

TPA Services

Both enterprise companies and insurance expect accurate and fair claims outcomes. That is why it is no surprise that they both often turn to third party administrators (TPAs) to handle that critical bottom-line and delicate balancing act.  

On the end-user client side, enterprises may lack the knowledge base needed to navigate commercial marine claims, and on the insurance side, there is often added value and flexibility in outsourcing pieces of that process to the right partner.

We act as a TPA, dedicated partner, and key component of an insurance and risk management strategy. We can provide our clients with the subject matter expertise, commitment, and resolution to the claims handling process on a third party basis.