1. Protecting Sensitive Medical Cargo During COVID-19…

    Securing MEdical Supply Chain

    We need to prevent theft, spoilage, and destruction.
    The Partnership for Safe Medicines estimates that losses within the pharmaceutical supply chain from theft alone exceed US $30 Billion per year, with an average loss per claim of US $3.78 Million1.
    As the World Bank points out, the process of scaling up presents opportunities for substandard quality control, price exploi…

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  2. EIMC Repositions and Rebrands!

    EIMC has just concluded a major corporate re-positioning and re-branding effort, and we are super excited to share it with you !
    You will notice an evolution of our logo, which is now flanked with a new positioning and brand line.  We are now making the statement that we have been living for years now…we are global supply chain experts, specifically, in risk mana…

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