1. Employee Spotlight #4: Felix Holder—Senior Account Expert

    Embarking on another chapter of our Employee Spotlight series, we’re excited to recognize our talented Senior Account Manager and Senior Surveyor at EIMC. Join us as we explore Felix’s accomplishments, what he enjoys most about his work, and what he is passionate about outside of work.

    When did you start working for EIMC?

    I have been working for EIMC since September 2019.

    What do you do at EIMC?

    My job description includes Account Managing in the Transport Risk Team for key clients, be a part of the Sales Team whereby attending conferences and development proposal and estimation. Last but not least, I am acting as a surveyor and love to see different ports. 

    Have you had other jobs within the industry?

    Since over 25 years I am in the lovely and extraordinary Maritime Industry. In the mid 90’s I started as a sailor on tall ships, focusing on square riggers. I then studied shipping and port business by graduating with a master’s degree. Several engagements in the shipping and port industry till 2006 when I started in the surveying business from Bremen with worldwide missions.

    What is your latest accomplishment moment at EIMC?

    An accomplishment for me is winning an assignment or closing a project successfully. 

    What is the strangest case that you’ve ever been involved with in your job?

    Generally, finding solutions and investigating in remote locations challenges me. I can’t focus on one “strangest” issue or single project as there were several, from having a one-thousand-ton single piece shipment under short notice, dealing with military and police in Africa and the Middle East or be challenged with different cultures as in Europe, Asia, or South America. 

    What do you like most about your job?

    Making it happen!

    What do you like most about EIMC?

    That the team of EIMC are Global Supply Chain Experts! We as a team can serve our clients with claim handling and in transport risk management which includes the wide range of condition surveys, up to entire project supervisions. 

    What 3 words would you use to describe what you do?

    Getting it done

    What 3 words would you use to describe you?

    Dynamic Problem Solver 

    What is your favorite thing to do OUTSIDE of WORK?

    Spend time with my family, meet up with friends in the industry or my neighborhood in League City and when I have time I go sailing on the Clear Lake.

    What is something about you that people (usually) do not know?

    My first degree was as a car mechanic. 

    Through our Employee Spotlight Series, we’ve illuminated the diverse talents, passion, and dedication within our EIMC family. Stay connected for more glimpses into the extraordinary individuals shaping the heart of our team and driving the success of EIMC.