1. Employee Spotlight Series #2: Arie Bouman—Marine Consultant Extraordinaire

    We’re back with the second edition of our “Employee Spotlight” series, a heartfelt tribute to the exceptional individuals that make EIMC shine. Our spotlight is on Arie Bouman, Marine Consultant extraordinaire, renowned for his fine arts expertise and meticulous approach.

    Arie’s journey with EIMC began nearly three years ago, and his impact has been nothing short of remarkable. From attaining his Customs Broker License to mastering the Lloyds of London Claims and Recoveries examination, Arie’s commitment is a testament to our core values.

    In this enlightening conversation, we delve deep into Arie’s role, his influence on our global footprint, and the qualities that make EIMC an exceptional workplace. Arie embodies investigative excellence, flawless communication, and unwavering customer dedication. Join us in celebrating Arie’s extraordinary journey, both within and beyond the office walls.

    When did you start working for EIMC?

    Almost 3 years ago now.

    What do you do at EIMC?

    I am a Marine Consultant, specialized in fine arts, and a Licensed Customs Broker.

    What is your latest accomplishment at EIMC?

    I passed my Customs Broker License last year and this summer I passed the Lloyds of London Claims and Recoveries examination.

    Have you had other jobs within the industry?

    Yes, my background is in fine art shipping. I started as a collections manager for a fine art shipping and services company in NYC and later worked in several fine art shipping and logistics positions including as a shipping specialist for a large auction house in Dallas.

    What do you like most about your job?

    The variety is terrific. Every day brings new cases with different people, products, and circumstances, which keeps the work interesting. Our company has a global network, so I’m working with people all over the world, often working with surveyors in Europe, Asia, South America, or wherever we need a surveyor to attend.

    What do you like most about EIMC?

    It’s the people; EIMC is a people-driven company. Despite people working around the globe, from their homes or on the road, we have a very good, very collegial atmosphere. Everybody’s very friendly and always ready to help each other with their respective expertise or experience. We know no one has all the answers, so we share and discuss our cases to bring together the right professionals as needed. I love that there is never a bad question. I think creating this culture is one of Tiina’s biggest achievements.

    What 3 words would you use to describe what you do?

    Investigation. Communication. Customer service.

    What 3 words would you use to describe you?

    Curious. Resourceful. Conscientious.

    What is your favorite thing to do OUTSIDE of WORK?

    I love to learn about other cultures, especially through art and cooking. I’m originally from the Netherlands, and my parents are Francophones. So combining good food, family, and friends has always been a favorite pastime. At home and when I travel, I enjoy visiting museums and attending film screenings too.

    What is something about you that people (usually) do not know?

    I’m 6’7”, it’s my Dutch blood. Usually, this is the first thing people notice about me, but since working remotely, it has become rare that I meet the people I work with in person.

    What is the strangest case or strangest item that you’ve ever been involved with in your job?

    I worked on a case involving a shipment of Wagyu semen. The cryogenic tank had sprung a leak somewhere in transit, and the shipment arrived lukewarm in Iowa. I learned in this case that Wagyu semen is possibly the world’s most valuable compound by weight.