1. Why EIMC’s Merger with Engle Martin is a Game-Changer for our Customers

    Engle Martin and EIMC Merger_2023

    At EIMC, we are thrilled about our recent merger with Engle Martin & Associates. EIMC’s expertise in marine insurance claims and supply chain risk management will now be combined with Engle Martin’s leadership in loss adjusting and claims management. It empowers us to offer customers an end-to-end suite of services including property, casualty, contractor equipment and builders’ risk, within the global supply chain logistics space within the United States and globally. Why is this merger so significant? Let’s dive into the key reasons:


    The merger of EIMC and Engle Martin brings together two industry leaders with complementary strengths. It unites our teams of experts, creating a formidable collective knowledge base across marine insurance, risk management, claims investigation, property casualty and subrogation. This enhanced expertise translates into unparalleled service and support for our customers.


    EIMC and Engle Martin share a common commitment to client-centricity, ethics, and excellence. Both organizations prioritize long-term relationships and client satisfaction over short-term gains. Our merger strengthens the relationship between EIMC and Engle Martin and fosters closer ties with our customers. EIMC will operate as a specialist marine business unit within Engle Martin—alongside their other business units—providing our niche subject matter expertise to their clients and their specialties to our clients.

    With consolidated expertise and resources, we ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges faced by our respective customers. By forging deeper connections, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to understanding their unique requirements and delivering tailored solutions. Whether our clients are doing risk mitigation planning on a proactive basis, or reacting to a loss event, we have their needs covered in-house.


    At EIMC and Engle Martin, we share a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional service. With the merger, we can now pool our respective technology platforms and resources. This collaboration enables us to provide customers with more efficient and effective solutions. By harnessing advanced data analytics, streamlined processes, and digital tools, we enhance our customers’ experience, optimize claim resolution, and proactively address emerging risks.


    As an industry leader, we stay attuned to relevant stories and current events in the marine industry and supply chain management and what is currently impacting our clients’ businesses, their shipping costs, and supply chains:

    • The ongoing war in Ukraine

    • Factory closures to port congestion in the aftermath
    of the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Strikes at Canadian ports in British Columbia and
    labor disputes at US ports

    • Droughts: affecting shipping lanes such as the Suez Canal and
    Europe’s inland waterways (last year, river levels went so low
    that shipwrecks from WWII were exposed for the first time ever)

    • Climate change: Increases in the amount and intensity of
    weather-related events such as raging wildfires, catastrophic
    hurricanes, sudden flooding, etc.

    The growing global economy adds further pressure, necessitating more efficient and effective supply chain management. By staying abreast of these trends and challenges, EIMC ensures that we are well-positioned to assist our customers in navigating the complexities of the global supply chain.


    We are delighted that EIMC’s leadership team continues its operational oversight of our portfolio. This ensures continuity and leverages the remarkable history and expertise we have cultivated within the maritime community.

    This merger marks an exciting chapter in our journey as we join forces with Engle Martin, aligning our strengths and capabilities. Together, we are poised to lead the industry with innovative solutions and unrivaled expertise in marine insurance, risk management, claims investigation, and subrogation services.

    We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their continued trust and support. As we embark on this new chapter, we remain dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service, fostering long-lasting partnerships, and driving the success of your business in the ever-evolving global supply chain and marine insurance landscape.


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