1. Protecting Sensitive Medical Cargo During COVID-19…

    Securing MEdical Supply Chain

    We need to prevent theft, spoilage, and destruction.

    The Partnership for Safe Medicines estimates that losses within the pharmaceutical supply chain from theft alone exceed US $30 Billion per year, with an average loss per claim of US $3.78 Million1.

    As the World Bank points out, the process of scaling up presents opportunities for substandard quality control, price exploitation, and outright forgery. 2

    As just an example, the COVID-19 vaccines are complex and fragile. It has never been more important to protect sensitive medical cargo, especially these vaccines, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We can help pharmaceutical companies, medical supply chain partners, and insurers determine the best way to ensure correct:

    • temperature for varied requirements of cold storage and transport,
    • unique specifications for transport vessels,
    • temperature, and
    • shock tolerance.

    Then, once deployed to a theater of health operations, validate that the supply chain adheres to

    • unique and specific thawing,
    • unit dose distribution,
    • and administration timelines.

    We can help make these mission-critical operations more successful and prevent theft, spoilage, and destruction.

    EIMC is no stranger to the complex world of pharmaceutical loss prevention and theft investigation and is well-positioned to support planning and field operations during vaccine and other sensitive medical shipping and distribution.  Our risk management and claims teams have served some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and their underwriters for over fifty years, and are able to leverage deep knowledge of operational risk in stock throughput, refrigerated cargo, and high-value cargo security to identify potential sources of risk and loss. We can help protect the sensitive medical supplies, including vaccines, during the COVID-19 pandemic. EIMC takes pride in serving as the most knowledgeable “eyes and ears” on the ground, anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365, in preventative or investigative capacities. 

    If you are a brand, an insurer, a supply chain participant looking to mitigate your risk or know someone personally involved in this effort, we urge you to contact us so we can determine how to help.

    Email our team directly at: HEALTHLOGISTICS@EIMC.COM.