1. EIMC Response to ”Yantian Express” at Freeport, Bahamas

    EIMC is fully prepared to offer continued and uninterrupted Marine Surveying and Adjusting services to our valued clients following the General Average declaration and arrival of the “Yantian Express” at Freeport, Bahamas. In preparation, we are deploying our New England Regional Director/Surveyor Capt. John Wilson, to the Port of Freeport, Bahamas. He will be in position there as of first thing Thursday morning, February 7th and available to service your needs should you have cargo on board the vessel. Additional senior survey staff may follow based upon need and progression of discharge operations.

    The ship arrived at the port yesterday afternoon following a month-long tow from the north central Atlantic. Unloading of the affected cargo will get underway during this next week.

    Please contact our general email for assistance and/or instructions:

    Our nationwide staff of highly experienced Marine Adjusters and case handlers is also on alert to coordinate and support needs related to loss adjustments as well as General Average requirements that will be forthcoming. For specific assistance with General Average related questions, please reach out to Paul Hammes at

    “Yantian Express” Primary Response Team Contacts:

    General Email:

    John Ferbend
    224 306-1882

    Paul Hammes

    Jackson Hendrick