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  1. Trends & Innovations in Global Supply Chains

    Trends & Innovations in Global Supply Chains

    The global supply chain, a multifaceted tapestry interweaving businesses on a global scale, serves as the lifeblood of international trade. Over time, this intricate network has evolved, adapting to the winds of technological advancement, the tides of market dynamics, and the unceasing call for sustainability.
    Recent years have borne witness to profound transformations wit…

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  2. Employee Spotlight Series #1: Celebrating Our Talented Team at EIMC

    In our inaugural edition of the “Employee Spotlight” series, we are excited to showcase the exceptional talent and expertise of William (Bill) Duval, our esteemed Senior Marine Surveyor at EIMC. With over four decades of experience in the industry and a passion for the marine insurance and supply chain domain, Bill has been an invaluable asset to our team since…

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